Reply: Classic index and J!Pagination simultaneously

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  • Nikolaos
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01 Jun 2020 22:04
Classic index and J!Pagination simultaneously

Thanks for the answer! Yes it is for Joomla article. I thought this could be possible with a CSS or something. I searched a lot but I couldn't figured it out.
I think I will just stick to the Prev-Next option.

  • bernard
  • bernard's Avatar
01 Jun 2020 13:03
Classic index and J!Pagination simultaneously


The combination of options depends on the component that contains the items. I'm going to assume that these are Joomla! article in your case (else it can be a little different).

The closest way to get the index AND pagination at the bottom is to use the option 'Page counter' = 'Between arrow' (the arrows can be personalized with pictures). But there are only the 'previous' and 'next' links.

Example can be seen here :

  • Nikolaos P.
  • 's Avatar
01 Jun 2020 10:49
Classic index and J!Pagination simultaneously

Hi there and thank you for the great plugin!
I am using the plugin with sutras and books that make very long articles.
Is there a workaround to have a Classic Index along with the J! Pagination at the same time?
I would like to have the Index and as well the numbers simultaneously.
Thanks in advance!