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BS banner

This component is made to draw for you your reef records, weather records, other values or records, other ideas... creating a small image. This image can be use in any Website (forum...) using the provide Url.

Component and modules

It works with Websites using Joomla! JoomlaJoomla15Joomla25Joomla3xJoomla40.

componant lang bs_banner component

This is a component to create banners or small pictures for user inputs.

Key features

  • Create personal user image (or several images) with his input (input values and input labels). Input are labels and values
  • Image car be used for the background (file or Url)
  • Text and background colour are user choice
  • Saving input into your Browser cookies for the next inputs
  • The module is provided with default configuration for inputs limits (temperature, density, pH, KH...) for reef tank and values are draw with background with thresholds colours within limits. The admin can changes or delete all the values
  • Background colours for values are printed using the limits (several limits and colour for the value can be defined)
  • Display user name, date, Website name (all optional by admin) on the picture
  • Sizing, colours and others choices can be configure by the admin
  • Languages (fr-FR & en-GB included)
  • Joomla! MVC compliant
  • W3C compliant

Optionals plugins/features can be added:

  • Data management (save, display, list, import, export, graph...)
  • Kunena signature with the vignette

Plugins are not included in the component to keep it light and for license reasons (feel free to ask, if needed).

BS banner pack (component, module, plugins)
  • Works with Joomla! 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 2.5, 3.0 - 3.9, 4.0 (BS Banner features may differ between Joomla! versions)
  • Works with PHP 5.1.3 - 5.6.x, 5.7.x, 7.0.x - 7.3.x - 7.4.x
  • Works with MySQL 5.1.x, 5.3.x, 5.4.x, 5.5.x, 7.0.x. PostgreSQL 11.
  • The pack has not been fully tested with all versions and sub-versions of PHP & MySQL & PostgreSQL. You should conduct your own testing in your own environment before installing it on your production site.


module lang bs_banner_who module

It works with bsbanner component to display users or created banners/pictures. Key features

  • Display the number of BS banner users
  • Display user names (sort by alphabetic order or random). Images needs to be in a dedicate folder
  • Display both tow possibilities at the same time
  • Display a banner/picture for one user
  • Languages (fr-FR & en-GB included)


plugin lang system bsbanner plugin

Plugin to add user policy related to BS banner. For Joomla! 3.9+.

  • Languages (fr-FR & en-GB included)


module BS cb_banner_tab plugin

It works with component BS Banner to provide Tab for Community Builder to display user banner.



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