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BS MyJspace pack

The BS MyJspace pack for Joomla! is under license GNU/GPL (non-commercial) and includes:

  • componant lang BS MyJspace component
  • module lang BS viewmyjspace module
  • plugin lang BS plg_search_myjspace plugin
  • plugin lang BS plg_pagebreakmyjspace plugin
  • plugin lang BS plg_pagebreakmyjsp plugin
  • plugin lang BS plg_tagsmyjspace plugin
  • plugin lang BS plg_imagemyjspace plugin
  • plugin lang BS plg_uploadmyjspace plugin
  • plugin lang BS plg_quickicon_myjspace plugin

Download - latest version Joomla15Joomla16Joomla17Joomla25Joomla30Joomla31Joomla32Joomla33Joomla34Joomla34Joomla31

This last version makes all previous releases of BS MyJspace obsolete and all users of prior releases are urged to upgrade as soon as possible. Support is based on this version with the last supported versions of Joomla.

Although I try to fix all bugs, your specific usage, configuration and hosting can cause some specific issues. I therefore invite you to tell me when you have problems, so we can investigate the causes and resolve them.

Download - previous version Joomla15Joomla16Joomla17Joomla25Joomla30Joomla31Joomla32Joomla33Joomla34Joomla34Joomla31

Download - Alpha, Beta, RC version (only for testing) Joomla34Joomla34Joomla31 4 Alpha

  • Soon a new version - 2.7.0 Joomla!4 compatible, extra features, minor improvements, minor fixes
  • Read the 'release note' to see what's new and the install procedure

If you are using BS MyJspace, please post a rating and a review at the Joomla! Extensions Directory. Thanks!

Other Downloads

  • lang system myjsp template set plugin 2.4.1 (12 Jul. 2014) Joomla31for com_myjspace 2.4.0+. Mandatory to add the ability to change template for a page for J!3.2+.
  • plugin lang plg_user_profilemyjspace 2.5.6 for Joomla! profile (14 Jan. 2016) for com_myjspace 2.0.0+ Joomla25Joomla31. To add pages url to the Joomla! user profile view.
  • plugin lang plugin plg_user_myjspace Joomla31. To automatically add & delete user's page when adding & deleting users from the Joomla! configuration (on demand).
  • plugin lang plugin plg_myjspace_foldername for BS MyJspace 2.6.0+ (2018) Joomla31. To change pages folder naming convention (on demand).
  • plugin lang plugin plg_myjspace_resettags for BS MyJspace 2.6.0+ (2018)  Joomla31. To remove the Joomla! tag usage for all BS MyJspace pages (on demand).
  • plugin lang plugin plg_myjspace_resetcats for BS MyJspace 2.6.0+ (2018) Joomla31. To remove/set/reset the Joomla! category usage for all BS MyJspace pages (on demand).
  • plugin lang plugin plg_statusmyjspace for BS MyJspace 2.6.0+ (2018) Joomla31. To add editor button to change page status (on demand).

Other Downloads for linking BS MyJspace with other extensions

All are under license GNU/GPL

Other Downloads (languages)

As default: the component, module and plugins are provided with the languages : English, French.

Theses translations are made with the kind participation of users.

(1) For J!1.5 unzip first and install and separately

(2) The translation is not completed (some parts in English), you can contribute to finalize

(3) No support!

If you are using BS MyJspace, please post a rating and a review at the Joomla! Extensions Directory. Thanks!

This product BS MyJspace is not affiliated with or endorsed by the Joomla! Project. It is not supported or warranted by the Joomla! Project or Open Source Matters. The Joomla! logo is used under a limited license granted by Open Source Matters the trademark holder in the United States and other countries.

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