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This plugin adds the ability to split a long article into multiple linked pages. The splits are added using the 'Page break' button editor. The plugin add extra feature compare to the default Joomla! pagebreak plugin.

Key features

  • Split a content into a multiple linked pages
  • Compatible with the Joomla! articles content, BS MyJspace personal page content, K2 item & category list, ZOO blog and text (options to be selected), FLEXIcontent articles items
  • Compatible with the default Joomla! pagebreak
  • Ability to include the pagebreak css for the template with no pagebreak compatibility
  • Ability to select position (left or right) for index and arrows
  • Ability to Hide or Show index heading (custom text or J! Category)
  • Ability to display a table of contents on multipage
  • Ability to display the full page link
  • Ability to display a page counter
  • Ability to select index style: regular (default), simple or double Rollup/Dropdown (with css or select box) + Slider and Tab (out of ZOO. Only for templates including such features only)
  • Ability to have a select menu index between next & previous
  • Ability to select a class name for the index heading
  • Ability to show the full 'pages' as default
  • Ability to change the first label of the menu with a pagebreak
  • Ability to change the browser title and description (for page with or with pagebreak) using the content title, description & break title (title for J! articles & BS MyJspace)
  • Ability to replace next & previous default arrows with images or to do not display the arrows
  • Add (or update) html <link rel="prev" href="/..." />, <link rel="next" href="/..." />and <link rel="canonical" href="/..." /> for better search engine index (like for Google, Bing, Yahoo...). More information: here and here. This, out of ZOO usage
  • Ability to use 'canonical' even for pages without pagebreak (search engine index improvement when a page is used from different places with distinct url)
  • Compatible with the Joomla! regular editor button to add pagebreak (for ZOO use the specific one provided)
  • Languages (fr-FR & en-GB included)


  • Works with Joomla! 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 2.5, 3.x, 4 (features may differ between Joomla! versions).
  • Works with PHP 5.3.x - 5.6.x, 7.0.x - 7.4.x, 8.0.x. The plugin has not been fully tested with all versions and sub-versions of PHP. You should conduct your own testing in your own environment before installing it on your production site
  • Works with MySQL & PostgreSQL (database constraint only for K2 & category list option checked).
  • Works with Tiny mce, MyJsp editors (other not tested) with Joomla!'s standard pagebreak editor button
  • Tested ok by different users with sh404SEF and AceSEF (for Joomla! articles & BS MyJspace & K2) for some configuration but with some issues for others. No support with theses SEF & cache plugins (out of core) & commercial products, see the related supports

Style examples

Please find bellow some style examples


Download - latest version Joomla34Joomla3xJoomla40

Download - latest version Joomla15Joomla25Joomla31

Download - previous version Joomla15Joomla25Joomla31

Download - Alpha, Beta, RC version Joomla34Joomla3xJoomla40

  • Soon a new version?
  • Read the 'release note' to see what's new and the configuration procedure

Others Download - plugin

  • plg_xtd_pagebreak2 1.0.0 (12 Aug. 2012) -Joomla15Joomla25Joomla30'Page Break' editor button - to be used with ZOO (disable the Joomla! pagebreak xtd-editor button when you are using this plugin). Not yet valid on J! 3.7.
  • Plugin system - to deactivate temporary system cache for K2 content with pagebreak inside the content (for J!2.5+) - Clear the system cache after install

Others Download - language (1) Joomla15Joomla25Joomla30

(1) The translation are sometime not completed (some parts in English) you can contribute to finish

Read the 'release note' to see what's new


Latest version & tests:

Component Component version Joomla! version BS PageBreak version
Joomla! articles 3.9.25 3.9.25 - J!4 beta 3.1.1
BS MyJspace 3.1.0 3.9.25 - J!4 beta 3.1.1
K2 2.10.0 3.9.16 3.0.0
ZOO 3.3.26 2.5.17 - 3.7.x 2.6.4
FLEXIcontent 2.2.0 2.5.27 - 3.3.6 2.6.4


Configuration - Usage


  • To use it with Joomla! articles (content) de-activate the Joomla! pagebreak plugin, activate the Pagebreakmyjspace plugin and select the 'J! Content usage' into the BS MyJspace pagebreak plugin configuration
  • For BS MyJspace, K2, ZOO or FLEXIcontent you need to select the specific Pagebreakmyjspace plugin option for the right component
  • For 'sliders' & 'tabs' styles it's recommended to add an extra carriage return before and after each pagebreak if you encounter strange display effects
  • With some other 'content' plugin, this plugin need to be configured to be the first one to act
  • ZOO: please use the xtd-pagebreak2 editor button plugin instead (download above) of the Joomla! regular button
  • K2: do not use K2 'introtext' (with the 'readmore' button') with this pagebreak plugin for 'index style' = tabs or sliders (such usage is possible but not supported. Future version may fully support these options). For the categories list, use the plugin ability to show the first page break only, instead of the 'introtext'
  • K2: let the option "Display a table of contents on multipage" to "show", otherwise you may have some "bigger" url & other issues. Option automatically not taken into account for pagebreakmyjspace 2.3.4+ with K2
  • K2: as default, system cache setting need to be set to OFF (default). Out of this you will experience the issue 'each url goes always to the actual page'. To enable the system cache, you can to disable automatically & temporally the cache for the specific content with page break using the plugin 'k2nocachepagebreak' (see above to download)
  • K2: in some context the 'all page' link is not usable. In such case configure 'Display All pages link' = 'hide'
  • FLEXIcontent: you need to set the component option 'Canonical tag' = 'No' to have coherent canonical link with the pagebreak
  • FLEXIcontent: take care to use FLEXIcontent to display your item and not the Joomla! regular article content component (otherwise you will have error with the pagebreak usage)

Configuration (not supported but proposals):

  • For usage with K2 or FLEXIcontent + sh404sef + and pagebreakmyjspace together, configure sh404sef with ‘use Joomla!: router for K2 or FLEXIcontent content or use the Option 'sh404sef - default handler' = 'yes' for pagebreakmyjspace plugin
  • With AceSEF configure: Display the 'full page' link = hide and change the option 'Use first page id' to 'yes' (for pagebreamyjspace 2.0.8+)
  • With sh404sef: you may have to configure - config panel (tabs General - Main) - "Always append #items per page"= "Yes"


  • To create pagebreak tags from your editor use the Joomla! (regular) Pagebreak button. To split a long Article into multiple linked pages use the pagebreak button to set the page break. This is the same usage as for the default Joomla! pagebreak plugin for Joomla! articles. With zoo, use the provided plugin to add this button
  • It is recommended to add pagebreak only between paragraphs (to avoid potential strange layout effect)
  • Depending on the context, it may be advisable to add an extra carriage return before & after pagebreak especially with images
  • It's recommended to clear the system cache after configuration update & plugin update


If you are using BS PagebreakMyJspace, please post a rating and a review at the Joomla! Extensions Directory. Thanks!


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