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02 Aug 2016 19:13 #2780 by bernard
BS MyJspace pack 2.6.0 was created by bernard
* 01/08/2016 BS MyJspace 'pack' 2.6.0 for Joomla! 1.5 & 2.5 & 3.x (MD5 checksum bsmyjspace_pack_2.6.0_PACK.zip)

- Added xtd button plugin for file uploading. Compatible to be added into the Tinymce editor for Joomla! 3.5+
- Added xtd button plugin for image uploading. Compatible to be added into the Tinymce editor for Joomla! 3.5+
- Removed the 'myjsp' editor from the package (use the 'Tinymce' Joomla editor + BS MyJspace upload buttons instead)

* 16/07/2016 com_myjspace 2.6.0 for Joomla! 1.5 & 2.5 & 3.x Author: Bernard SAULME
- New Features:
Added Joomla! events for BS MyJspace to allow extensions plugins for folders naming and tools
Added DB Sqlserver compatibility - dev. feature only
Added new error and information messages to help during the first install and upgrade
Added code (404, 403, 410) by status for the 'see' view
Added unit for the page size for back-end 'pages' view
- Changes:
Removed the old method for extra tools extension
Removed the restriction for the nb. of chars in the pages for some features (bbcode, tags ...). For old PHP versions, do not exceed 92160 chars for the page size
Removed the 'guest' group for the share editing select (for Joomla! 3+)
Improved bbcode transcript for big page, due to PHP limit. Warning message added if necessary
Improved the user experience for files and images uploading
Replaced into the back-end 'page' view the upload features with the new upload xtd editor buttons usage
Updated for the page name rule to do not take into account before any '/' (out plg_myjspace_foldername plugin usage)
Updated code to update the pages root foldername and recreate/delete pages folders
Updated front-end view 'pages' when displaying page link for shared page for editing
Updated upload view
Updated message from error to warning when using the feature ‘delete folders and index for all pages’
Updated the sitemap feature to list only public pages
Updated checks for folders names
Updated tests for the back-end 'help' view
Updated the display for the back-end 'tools' and 'url' views
Updated some error codes and alerts
Updated to set 'tinymce' instead of 'myjsp' for the default editor
Updated pagebreak form
Updated DB table structure
Updated language files
Updated icones and others minor changes
Updated code style
Updated code
- Bugs fix:
Fixed an issue, in some cases with bbcode management for big pages, to avoid page content issue when saving for some PHP versions and configuration
Fixed an issue for the 'search' view header when the first page's owner does not exists any more
Fixed a minor issue with SEO for the information view ‘myjspace’
- Info:
For Joomla Tags usage on Joomla!3.6, you need to set a categorie on the pages
- Successful tests on:
Joomla! 1.5.26 & 2.5.28 & 3.5.1 & 3.6
Servers: Windows, Linux. PHP 5.3.x - 5.4.x - 5.6.x - 7.0.x, MySQL 5.5.x - 5.7.x, SqlServer 12
Windows Browsers: Firefox 47, Edge

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