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01 Jun 2013 18:19 - 10 Jul 2013 16:15 #1340 by bernard
BS MyJspace Pack 2.0.9 was created by bernard
* 01/06/2013 BS MyJspace 'pack' 2.0.9 for Joomla 1.5 & 2.5 & 3.1 (MD5 checksum 1637fad2eb9d9b721fd57c37c32abcba bsmyjspace_pack_2.0.9_UNZIPME.zip)

* 31/05/2013 com_myjspace 2.0.9 for Joomla 1.5 & 2.5 & 3.1 Author: Bernard SAULME

- New Features:
Added the ability to filter each frond end view with catid (option or url parameter). This including the auto creating page features (views edit & config)
Added an icon into the view 'see' (optional) to give the ability to a page owner to have a link to edit his page. The icon/link usage has the specificity for templates for J!1.5, J!2.5 & J!3.1
Added a new option for pagename proposal (with tags: #username, #name, #userid, #category, #catid), default #username
Added for the view 'pages' rollovers with description on pagename
Added the script file delete.mysql.utf8.sql into the package to fully clean data after package uninstall (to be used manually)
Added to the views 'see' & 'edit' the ability to take into account the 'return' parameter after page saving
- Changes:
Added a button to have a popup window to select categories to replace the catid id value for the search view with a categories list, default catid, for the menu view option & global option.
Option 'page name = user' is renamed 'Page name = rule only' and is now using the new page name option rule
Added the BS MyJspace icon for the backend version view
Updated legend for backend synchronization tools
Updated check and rules to allow character _ (underscore) for: pagename, foldername (page root folder), username used for default pagename (auto migrate if old default value)
Updated the message when page is locked
Updated to 're'allow the ability to edit his page even locked for the owner (can be considered as a regression from older version)
Updated to do not force/use anymore the itemid for the view 'see' to redirect after saving page content
Required option is now followed with a star for the search view
Updated the options for the front end view 'see' to do not add params into the url (url variables still available) when not needed
Changed to redirect using the pagename instead of id after editing
Updated language files
Updated code
- Bugs fix:
Fixed a message to display the correct restrict group with using ACL for page access when the page do have restricted access
Fixed a bug with the page edit ACL usage (when distinct from user admin page ACL usage)
Fixed a bug with automatic page creation when editing
Fixed a bug for backend which do no take into account the pagename proposed for page creation
Fixed a bug with J!1.5 to avoid to log errors into the webserver error log (due to mootools-more.js, core.js, adminlist.css calls)
Fixed a bug with J!3.x when using the Email feature when to not specify Email into the Options
- Successful tests on:
Joomla! 1.5.26 & 2.5.11 & 3.1.1
Servers: Windows, Linux. PHP 5.3.x - 5.4.x/MySQL 5.1.x/Windows&Linux
Windows Browsers: IE9, IE10, Safari 5.1, Chrome 27, Firefox 21

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