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lock Integration with addtoany + K2 + PageBreakmyjspace

  • Lordclip
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06 May 2016 01:28 #2681 by Lordclip
first of all thanks for this great plugin, you rock!

I have integrated your plugin in my site but i would like to inform you about some issues encountered during setup that could be distributed to other users.

Integration with popular addons used for sharing content on social network and Open Graph information

i'm having some issue with integration with "addtoany" addon used to sharing content on social network.

Basically, when i split K2 item content in more pages the counter associated to "share on facebook" button remain set to 0 on page 2 because the 2nd page is considered as a different item.

Item split in 2 pages.
1st page "share on facebook" counter = 10
2nd page counter = 0

In addition to this also Open Graph information. In detail og:image tag (image URL which should represent your object is not grabbed correctly and is show as empty.

I don-t know if you can give some advice about correct procedure that need to be used in order to setup it correctly anyway, I wanted to share this information even though I know you probably can not help me fix the anomalies but to be fair I wanted to inform of these problems encountered for future developments.

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  • bernard
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06 May 2016 11:38 - 25 Aug 2016 12:02 #2682 by bernard
I do not know 'addtoany' yet, so I'll check if I can do something.
Can you provide your Joomla, K2 & plugin versions to ensure for the checks?
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  • bernard
  • bernard's Avatar
06 May 2016 21:33 - 10 May 2016 08:54 #2683 by bernard
I made some checks.
I seen that the 'addtoany' plugin seems to provide url with no page parameters but the 'addtoany' module uses the parameters for the pages!
If you are using the module, you may ask to the 'addtoany' developers to manage the url for the module to have the same result as the plugin.

For the open graph information for images, this is not from the pagebrakmyjspace plugin.
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