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question-circle Issue with Cache Setting?

  • Jason
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17 Aug 2016 09:39 #2791 by Jason
Issue with Cache Setting? was created by Jason
I have been using this plugin for over 12 months without issue. I believe I was required to disable cache when I installed it due to it having issues with it enabled. I use this with K2 articles and it has been perfect but my site was suspended due to excessive CPU load which they have said is possibly due to my cache (in globals) being disabled so I re-enabled cache wjich solved that but now every page I have page breaks on will not go past page 1. When I click a link it simply goes to page 1 (works find if I disable cache.


Happy to disable cache on just the pages I need if I knew how

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  • bernard
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17 Aug 2016 11:16 - 25 Aug 2016 11:58 #2792 by bernard
Replied by bernard on topic Issue with Cache Setting?
With K2, the cache need to be disable. You can use the plugin plg_k2nocachepagebreak (download from the same page than the page break plugin). The plugin unconfigure automatically the cache only for the pages with pagebreak (and have the cache globally enable).

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  • Jason
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18 Aug 2016 04:45 #2793 by Jason
Replied by Jason on topic Issue with Cache Setting?
Doh, overlooked that snippet of the documentation. Thanks, that has fixed the issue and it's working as expected.

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