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exclamation-circle Wrong pagination

  • Martin Thorgaard
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14 Nov 2016 19:08 #2908 by Martin Thorgaard
Wrong pagnation was created by Martin Thorgaard
Hi there

Just installed BS MySpacePageBreak plugin for Joomla and K2,
And also installed the cache issue plugin.
I created a test pagebreak, to see if it worked out. When it worked, I wanted to add an ekstra pagebreak, and then it went wrong.

The first page changes, but the second page wong change name or position.
I've tried to delete the cache, and remove the created URL's (Im using sh404sef)

For me, it seems to work, when you create it right the first time, but whenever I try to make changes, it is not possible.

Please check out: min-barsel.dk/samfund/bekymrer-du-dig-og...r-du-din-frustration

When you watch the index, its seems there is 3 pages, but when you press "side 2" (Page 2, initialy I made 2 pages, but wanted to add an extra pagebreak)
you will see the rest of the aricle (As I made it, with the first go of Pagebreak)

Does anyone have an idea?

I might confuse you with my explanation, so please ask for further info.

Martin Thorgaard
  • bernard
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14 Nov 2016 19:57 #2909 by bernard
Replied by bernard on topic Wrong pagnation
Using component like sh404sef you may have issue(s) looking like cache effect (it seems related to the usage, but I do not have more information).
As notified in the download page, I can't provide support for such component with many possibilities for configuration & I do not have such components.
I hope that a user with positive experience may be able to provide you some support.
Please let me know.
  • Martin
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15 Nov 2016 00:11 #2910 by Martin
Replied by Martin on topic Wrong pagnation
Agree, some kind of cache issue.

Anyway, thanks for your response, I'll return if I solve the problem.

  • Martin
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15 Nov 2016 00:16 #2911 by Martin
Replied by Martin on topic Wrong pagnation
Well, just returned to my site, and guess what?
It suddenly had done the changes. So sure it was a cache issue.

So, if I need to change some already-placed pagebreaks, I'll just have to wait some time, so see the result.

I can live with that, thanks for making this plugin :)

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