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  • DanHouston
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23 Aug 2017 05:40 #3045 by DanHouston
We have a pagination problem with MyJspace. This seems to only occur with items on Zoo. The pagination styling disappears and appears as a list. what can we do do get the styling back?

MyJspace 2.6.0
Joomla 3.7.4
K2 2.8.0
YooTheme Avenue 1.0.12
  • bernard
  • bernard's Avatar
23 Aug 2017 09:11 #3046 by bernard
What is your zoo version ?
Do you have a screenshot showing the issue and can you explani what is expected instead.
note : for some usage (template, component ...) the plung can't work.
  • DanHouston
  • DanHouston's Avatar Topic Author
23 Aug 2017 15:56 #3047 by DanHouston
Thank you for the swift response!

ZOO Version 3.3.26

This is working successfully with K2 content. See here:
However, with ZOO stuff, this is how it appears:
Here is how I have it configured:

What do you think?

Thanks again for your help!
  • DanHouston
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25 Aug 2017 05:33 #3048 by DanHouston
friendly reminder.
  • bernard
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25 Aug 2017 19:44 - 26 Aug 2017 13:08 #3049 by bernard
You need to set the option 'Index / pagination' = 'index'.
A check will be added in a futur version (already avalaible in beta) to avoid such incorrect configuration.
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