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question-circle how to use page break title instead of next and prev

  • Ervin
  • Ervin's Avatar Topic Author
07 Sep 2017 10:53 #3052 by Ervin
I have a question, I used from "page break my jspace" for k2 and I want to display the title of the page breaks instead of next and prev in pagination. what should I do?
  • bernard
  • bernard's Avatar
07 Sep 2017 14:49 #3053 by bernard
There is no such option
  • ervin
  • ervin's Avatar Topic Author
07 Sep 2017 17:08 #3054 by ervin
is it possible that I change the code to achieve this option?
I found the Prev and Next in the php file
$prev = '<a href="'.$link_prev.'">'.JText::_('PLG_CONTENT_PAGEBREAKMYJSPACE_PAGE_PREV').' '.JText::_('JPREV').'</a>';
$next = '<a href="'.$link_next.'">'.JText::_('JNEXT').' '.JText::_('PLG_CONTENT_PAGEBREAKMYJSPACE_PAGE_NEXT').'</a>';
but I don't know how to insert the prev or next page title instead of static prev and next
  • bernard
  • bernard's Avatar
07 Sep 2017 23:35 - 07 Sep 2017 23:37 #3055 by bernard
Can you explain (with trxt or picture if possible) excactly what you are expecting insread of what (before, after).. because if you don't have prev and next you will not able to navigate betwwen pages!
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